Wide Wellies

Wide Wellington boots, extra wide wellies, and wide calf boots.

Wellington boots, wellies, gum-boots, rubber boots, or any other name you know them by, are growing in popularity for the country goers and festival welly wearers awide. With snazzy designs to choose from you can have endless fun searching for the style that suits you. More and more often however people tend to search for a wider wellie styles due to the traditional sizes being too tight on the leg. The wide rubber boots are great for people with the more ‘generous’ figure, the muscular calf muscle sporty types, or simply ideal for the people who like to tuck in thick trousers or jeans. Brands such as Le Chameau, Aigle, Kiss, Evercreatures, Tayberry and Hunter offer a wide fit wellie range for those of us that have the bigger calf muscles. Wide calf Wellington boots often range from 44cm to 52cm calf circumference. 50cm is the most common circumference where as some brands go up to 53cm. There seems to be less funky designs out there for the wide wellies, however some brands have realised this fact and splashed polka dot designs and funky multicoloured spectaculars to attract the fashionable lady types.

Hunting out to buy wide wellies can be a daunting task when looking around the shops for the perfect pair. Most of the wide boot products are often easier to find on the web. The Tayberry wellies and the Muddies wellington boots offer a wider selection of sporty wide calf Wellingtons. Some come with adjustable straps that provides a bit of extra room (or less depending on the fit you want). Le Chamaeu wellies also have this style buckle at the top and are neoprene lined often available in different colours from black, green, pink, petrol blue, pink daisy patterns and even campervan designs. They also have a slighly higher heel on the ladies versions for better comfort as well as them being slightly cheaper than the other equestrian focused brand ‘Hunters’. Hunter wellies are the most popular wellies on the highstreet, where as the other premium designer wellies are popular with celebrities and even royalty, with welly wearing Kate Middleton opting for the Le Chameau brand. If your looking for something a little more different then take a look at the new craze of the Wedgewelly, wedding wellies or the new fit flops fitness shoes. There are also plenty of additions available to accessorise your wellies from welly pouches to welly socks keeping your feet extra toastie and warm.

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