The wedgewelly wellies

Wedgewelly boots, wedge wellies, and wedge wellingtons.

The new style welly of the century, the WedgeWelly! The wedgewelly is a new funky footwear brand that specialise in designer wellies, (or Wellington boots for those who are posh). These WedgeWelly boots are a similar shape to the traditional welly but their design also integrates a ‘wedge’ making the product completely unique and highly fashionable. The Wedge Welly also incorporates high fashion surfaces and patterns with funky designs and colours similar to the funky designs splashed over wellies in the past 6 years.

The WedgeWelly originated as a British designer brand. The unique patented style incorporates a 21/2inch wedge heel to give that lift in height. The mission of the brand is to create a perfect boot for ladies who want to look fashionable and fabulous whilst feeling comfortable across all places and environments. Keeping dry, warm and protected whilst looking fantastic makes this style of footwear a must in any ladies shoe rack collection. Described as the "piece de resistance of Wellington boots" the WedgeWelly is fast becoming a fashionable favourite with many celebrities such as music artists Tulisa, Stooshe and Katy Weissel as well as actor Sadie Frost. In addition the boot is celebrated by leading fashion gurus for looking different at those ubber stylish festivals. A great festival welly.

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