Accessorise your wellies

Welly pouch

Whether you find yourself treking up Snowdon, in the thrills and spills of a music festival, or just walking in the forest, Hunter wellies brand have launched a boot accessory to suit every welly adventure you take. It is called the welly pouch. This unique accessory is a neoprene zipped pouch that attaches to the side of a Hunter welly. You can store the usual life essentials such as money, keys, phone or even that raincoat or lunch. The Hunter Welly pouch retails from £20 - £30 online or in the shops.

Welly socks / warmers

Planning a walk in the country during the winter months, or have a job outside for prolonged periods? Then Wellington socks maybe just for you. Wellington boot socks are designed to keep your feet warm and dry whilst wearing your wellies. Most wellies on the market have a thin cotton lining inside which makes it easy to dry if water should slash up and enter the boot. The thin lining however can make the welly cold and uncomforatble if it is worn for long periods. The welly sock, or sometimes known as the welly warmer can overcome this problem. The sock is placed on the foot with the top folded over the welly boot which stops the liner from sliding down the boot. You will find the socks tend to be extra long and come in many different plain colours or funky fashionable designs. Welly socks can retail from £5 for basic brands or £20+ for designer brands such as Tayberry or Hunter.

Welly bag

To help you keep your welly boots as good as new for as long as possible you may be interested in the Welly Bag. The Welly bag not only protects yours boots but also your car boot from getting dirty. Welly bags are often weather proof and moisture resistant. Considering quality wellies can be expensive nowadays, and with welly bags retailing from £15 upwards, it’s a worth while accessory to consider for getting the most out of your boots.

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